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Live in Dallas, TX 2003
Smirnoff Music Center

It's occurred to me in my life that the things that hurt the most are the things you can't argue with. All those truths, that you bite your lip and you go, "fuck, I can't argue with it. It's just the way it is." And everyone around you shrugs their shoulders and they all say, that's just the way it is. And that's growing up, and that's this, and that's that. And you're going, well, shit. I wanna be six again.

So I was wondering if I could sing you a little bit about the truth that I figured out in my life. Cause if I sang "Comfortable," I'd be like this and like that, but I wouldn't really be feeling it at the moment. So I'd like to play something new for you. It's how I feel, and it's called "Wheel."

Live in Austin, TX 2003
Frank Erwin Center
Anybody who's ever told somebody not to ever call them again, and then looked the next time the phone rang to see if it was them? This song is for you.
March 2017 Twitter Q&A
Twitter Q&A session with fans

what's the one song of yours (or any at all) that really makes you emotional

I got very choked up when I pulled out “Waiting on the Day” and “Wheel” in rehearsal. I can understand my own words in them now.