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March 2017 Twitter Q&A

Twitter Q&A session with fans

Okay fine Q&A time. Hit me.

will you come to new zealand

Yes. Not sure exactly when yet. I’m in this tour for the long haul.

was Helpless the song that almost made it onto Born and Raised?

Yes, but the verses were completely different. Had to rewrite them which was intense work.

[Question missing]

No but I am a prideful bulletproof /sad lonely mess. It’s complicated.

[Question missing. Something about inspiring young guitarists.]

It’s the best part of the whole thing. I forgot to dream about it growing up and it’s a brilliant surprise.

[Question missing]

I’m hard/bad/the wrong person to co-write with.

[Question missing. Something about Grateful Dead]

That music. I just wanted to enter that music.

what song are you most proud of on your album?

“In The Blood.” You’ll hear it.

favourite TV show at the moment?

@NBCThisisUs. it’s a stunning moving breathtaking awe inspiring metaphysical message to and about time itself.
someone is holding u prisoner and in order to be set free u have to impress them on guitar. what do u play for them

Trick question you gotta fight. Hit em on the head with the guitar and strangle them with the low E and then FIND AN ADULT

what song on this record was the most difficult to write?

Believe it or not, Changing took forever. Verses were so self-resolving it was hard to figure out a larger arrangement. Very asymmetrical.

what is your favorite "rock star" stage move?

Cigarette in guitar headstock, hands down.

what's the best part about your job?

The best part is that I am 100 percent wired to do it. On its hardest day I still know it’s exactly what I should be doing.

[Question missing]

Xanax. For when the negotiations break down. Never mind.

What was it like working with Kanye?

Kanye is a genius whose only intent is to punch his fist into that creative “other side” and pull something massive out. And he does.

What do you have done to all your guitars when you get them?

Hand them to Rene’. It’s not my guitar til he touches it.

what's the one song of yours (or any at all) that really makes you emotional

I got very choked up when I pulled out “Waiting on the Day” and “Wheel” in rehearsal. I can understand my own words in them now.

[Question missing]

Yes I will.

[Question missing]

Eddie Vedder.

[Question missing]

“When you make it, which you will, remember to ask yourself: ‘am I pissed that it’s not perfect or am I just damn lucky to be here?‘“

When you do a Q&A like this, how many Qs do you estimate you get? 100? 500? 1,000? 5,000? More?

Current unread tweets: 1362

what song are you most proud of of all time and why is it Slow Dancing In A Burning Room?

I’m not sure if this is meant to be funny but it’s HILARIOUS

[Question missing]

Emoji of a Wave. It had to be perfect. Countless takes. Re-cut that acoustic on about eight different guitars before it was right.

would you say that this album is the hardest one you've worked on yet?

Without a doubt. I wanted something that would represent the absolute best of what I was able to do. No compromises, no expenses spared.

Well, that was fun. Lots of love to you all… talk soon. X