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June 2017 Twitter Q&A

Twitter Q&A session

It's an off-day, and I'm resting up like it's nobody's business - but I want to make it OUR business. Q&A time. Hit me.

What's your first thought when you think about how many people you inspired to play music?

That if it's anything like the feeling I had when I was inspired, it's a very sacred thing, and a big honor.

[Question missing]

With @deadandcompany. T-shirt set one (day,) sweatshirt set 2 (night.) Like you would at a barbecue.

You rest from music listenin to music?

Oh yah. I listen Bill Evans. Every night. He's my spiritual coach.

Have you watched Long Strange Trip on Amazon yet?

Saw it a few weeks ago. I can't recommend it enough. And of course it struck me deeply.

[Question missing]

Ooooh. That's a good one. I find comfort and take company in the creative depths of materialism. Good questions get honest answers.

[Question missing]

Fresh clean decade

what's the story behind "rosie"?

I wanted to write a soulful song about a guy who's a drunk selfish idiot. (Not me.) He's a sweet lunkhead (Me.)

Are you still in recovery from being an ego-addict?

Sort of. I know where my lane is now a lot better than I used to. Happy to chug along in it.

Do an Instagram live tomorrow pls!!!!

Instagram Live is tricky. Rapid fire, zany, promotes sarcasm and absurdity - oh, and it's being *recorded*. No thank you.

What legendary guitarist/band do you wish you could tour with? A la Dead and Company.

Pearl Jam. Not a replacement. Just a fantasy third (fourth, with respect to EV) clarinet

conspiracy theory you find the most probable

I don't believe in them. A known conspiracy theory is by definition a fairly poor conspiracy. The ones we don't know about? All of 'em.
If you could ask Moose 1 question, what would it be?

I had a dog psychic (not my idea) ask  him if he was upset with me that I couldn't be with him all the time and "his" answer made me cry.

Which late musician's death was the most difficult for you?

Jeff. Buckley.

[Question missing. Something about writer's block]

Get ready for this bombshell: don't write.

What are some guilty pleasure songs you listen to?

"Guilty pleasure" is a cheap term used by people who need to attach a disclaimer to their own tastes. It's liability coverage. Who needs it

Who's a rapper you'd most like to collaborate with?

I've had a Jay-Z record concept in my mind for *years.*

[Question missing]

Factoid: I don't get in bad moods. Everything is traceable/fixable. I constantly face challenges and  rough days but I don't do bad moods.

what is the first thought that enters your mind just before walking out on stage?

That this is what I do/why I was born, that these are the times to cherish, because if we don't love this--then the whole ride don't add up.

What do you think is the most misunderstood thing about you? Personally I think you are underrated

I made a rule not too long ago never to enter a debate on the topic of my own merits. People don't expect me to be so tall, though.

[Question missing]

The dream would have been to write for @ConanOBrien. These frustrated guitar fingers would have written many a spec monologue.

What do you miss most about childhood?

Nothing anymore. I'm at an age where the era to strive for is ahead of me and not behind. Lost the data link with that nostalgia. Future ♥️

Was there ever a song that you wish you had written differently?

I wish I nailed "Lost at Sea." The verse and B section are 👌 but sometimes they can be so good there's nowhere left to go.

[Question missing]

Oooh. Probably NOT. hahaha. Sometimes I think I'm a big baby with a pacifier glued in his mouth. What do most people usually say?

When strangers write mean things on the internet, does that get to you? I would have trouble with that.

I have read every iteration of negative comment. Three words in and I get a feel for the context. The context disarms everything.

Do you remember the last movie or song that made you cry? Cause I wanna watch/listen to it

Paramore. 26. Does anybody realize how important that song is??? That song finds your pain and cradles it. "Hold onto hope if you got it." 🙈

That was fun. Thoughtful questions all. Lots of love to ya. Talk soon. ?

which is the biggest band that you know nothing about/know only a few songs of ?

Q&A After Dark ?. Great question. I call this the blind spot band. Everybody's got one. (The Dead is many peoples'.) Pink Floyd.