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Twitter Q&A (July 2017)

Twitter Q&A session with fans

Q&A time. Hit me.

what made this summer tour with Dead and Company unique in comparison to the previous ones?

Familiarity with the music (for Oteil and I) and solidarity as a unit. We know how one another works now. I can read Bob's mind on stage.

Have you thought about covering a Crowded House song ? I think When you Come or Better Be Home Soon would be amazing !

Chappelle loves "Don't Dream it's Over" and we perform it together at our shows.

Can you describe one of your most memorable dreams?

17 years old, had a dream I stood by my bedroom window, said a tearful goodbye to my family, turned into a rocket ship and flew away.

[Question missing]


Have you ever thought of turning Walt Grace into a storybook or short film? I can picture him in my head.

Yes, I have an outline in my head. "Submarine Test" would take place in the middle. As a boy he idolized a man named Simon Lake.

Song recommendations for falling asleep at night?

Any Bill Evans ballad.

Do you ever feel uncomfortable with how honest UR in your songs nowadays? There must be some sort of healing power in them Re: In the blood

If a song is honest and true it will protect you. Plus I believe you can write a song without having to discuss more about it.

do you have a favourite key to play in?

I like the middle of the guitar neck. A through D or so. Best hand-feel, string tension is best there.

what's your favourite concert moment?

Jay-Z. 2009. MSG. Insane. https://youtu.be/Rpxb9JfSqXA

What is your favorite book?

"A Brief History of Everything" by Ken Wilber.

Of all the beautiful songs you've written, which one is the most closest to your heart?

You're Gonna Live Forever in Me

[Question missing]

There were some that were too personal and I didn't love them. If I loved it enough I'd put it out. In The Blood is technically too personal 

Favorite sneaker of 2017 so far?

Louis Vuitton Fastlane America's Cup edition. White.

Do you credit more of your success to envisioning what you've wanted out of life/career or fate?

I'm a hard core visualizer. My ability to visualize is now informed by experience and I consider myself very powerful in that way.

favorite Jimi solo

All the solos in "All Along The Watchtower" are incredible.

your favorite song lyric?

The chorus to "Atlantic City" by Bruce Springsteen comes to mind a lot. Also Eddie Vedder wrote "are you woman enough to be my man?"

Most important guitar skill to learn?

T i m i n g

[Question missing]

Yes, often. But loneliness doesn't make it to my emotional core anymore. It's no longer disturbing. It's a little like... hunger.

[Question missing]

Nah. Middle stage is atrocious.

[Question missing]

Amazing question. They would assume I had exploited a loophole of some sort. Some scheme they'd have to write a law against because of me. 

[Question missing]

Half a box of cereal.

[Question missing]

This is a question that will only further divide our already fractured country. I don't want to lose fans. I can see both sides.

[Question missing]

"I Found a True Love" by Buddy Guy and "Chicken Grease" by D'Angelo

When Ralph Fiennes turned 40, he said he'd felt 40 his entire life and it was nice to get there. How do you approach it?

I feel less like I'm getting older and more like the side effects of who I am are evaporating. I have to remember that it's "old" to others

[Question missing]

Embrace "not yet." I can't tell you how important that is. So many people refuse to accept it and want to turn all the cards immediately.

if you were given the chance to do something over again, what would it be?

I wish I would have admitted I was lost in 2009/10 and just backed off. I wish someone would have thrown me in a car and pat the trunk twice

2017's best album so far (next to yours)?

3 way tie. @paramore @TheRyanAdams @kendricklamar

john do you think you're handsome

There are about 8-12 degrees of angle on my face where I believe I am quite dashing. The other 350ish are trash.

Alright. That was fun. Thanks for hanging. Later, night cats. X