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May 2017 Twitter Q&A

Twitter Q&A session

Let’s do a Q&A, jet lag edition. Hit me.

best/worst font?

Papyrus is pretty bad. Trade/ Franklin Gothic is ?. See also: Univers, Arial Rounded.

What/who inspired you to become the artist you are today?

A lineage of legends. They live in the air above me all the time.

[Question missing]

I have a stubborn circadian rhythm. I’ve learned to live with it.

Who designed your stage/backdrop for this tour? It is awesome! ❤️

I laid out the concepts/ show flow and some very talented designers brought it all to life.

Your dating someone and eventually you notice she has a tattoo pertaining to you or your songs. What do you do??

This is a GREAT question. I think an authentic origin story is all it takes? I can sense real truth, I think. Nice head twister. ? bonkers

Best decision you have made?

Honestly, best thing I ever did was call time out.

Do your insecurities affect you in this era of your life?

Yes. But I sit with them, walk around them, take a look, step back, and just try my best.

since dropping The Search for Everything, do you still view Continuum as your best album?

“Best” has more to do with the way in which it was received than what it was. That was a golden era full of discovery. These days are, too.

Do you feel like you've lived up to your own expectations after making so much music?

Not gonna lie, making this record was the first time I ever had the sensation that I was “doing it.”

What position do you sleep?


Favorite era of your life thus far?

Three faves: Continuum Venice Beach bike rides, Born n Raised NYC drunken soul searching, and TSFE inner reveal.

[Question missing]

If I ever admitted it, my mentions would be FULL of pics just to make me suffer. So no. None.

Who's your favorite STAR WARS character???

Nien Numb. Capable pilot, no ego.

most challenging part of songwriting?

Being interested enough to care what you might have to say.

Greatest SNL sketch?

Written by none other than Tina Fey https://youtu.be/Rbuy4zxBoPk

what was the fastest you've ever written a song and the slowest

Fast: Gravity, You’re Gonna Live, Never on the Day… Slow: Assassin, Belief, Still Feel Like Your Man (that bridge was a PUZZLE)

what's your favorite grateful dead lyric?

“Mama, Mama, many worlds I’ve come since I first left home.” I choke up every time.

[Question missing]

Waiting on the Day. “Will you walk with me/before the morning fades?” OOF.

In 5 words or less... define love. ❤️

Hopeful imagination of one another

how much longer are you doing this Q&A session?

It’s over. Right now.  ‘Night everyone. Very grateful for you all.