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Come Back to Bed

Recap of Berklee seminar
Converting Information to Inspiration
Here's where the public is smarter than you. I wanted a song called "Come Back to Bed." I thought it was going to be huge. I thought it could change peoples' minds about stuff. No, I'm going to make you like stuff you don't like because it's good enough. I don't know about that. And the song didn't work, and I was disheartened.
Instagram Guitar Livestream, January 2021
Excerpts from stream

You can hear certain songs that are like progressions of me looking for the best version of that song, and when I find it I stop. There's certain songs that you can hear are mild copies of one another. But I hope they get better as they go and I go, well there's the one I was trying to say.

And you can hear. It's like tattoos. I got bad tattoos on the way to really good tattoos. And then you keep them all.

Yeah so there are a couple of songs that are really similar and the tough part is that I don't want to play the ones that are 1.0 if I've got up to like, the version that I think is like—for instance is: [starts playing "Come Back to Bed"].

You know I feel like—[sings "Come Back to Bed"], is really like [plays riff from "Gravity"].

Once I hit that, I didn't need "Come Back to Bed" because I had done a better version of it with "Gravity."

Radio Intros 2024
LIFE With John Mayer on Sirius XM Radio
I wrote a song called Come Back To Bed for my second album, Heavier Things, which is sort of prototypical Gravity. And so Come Back To Bed was this R&B ballad that would later get sort of sidelined by Gravity. But I really, really enjoyed this song, and there's some really nice lyrics in there. And it's about it being too late at night to finish a fight, and just wanting to give in for the night. Just waving the white flag. And I should play it more.
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