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New Deep

Documentary about Heavier Things
"Ten More Songs" Documentary

Every song that I write from now on is gonna be eminently playable on the road, but is also gonna feel great to play every night. Something like this: [plays intro to "New Deep"]

Most of these songs are on the electric guitar, which is my response to the last record. But I had to write songs on an acoustic guitar because I didn't have a band. What I like now is I always wanted to be an electric guitar. And in a lot of ways this is my first love letter to the electric guitar.

Instagram live: April 23, 2018
Answering fan questions
I'm getting to the age where I'm listening back to songs and there are parts I don't remember. Like I couldn't tell you how they go if you stopped [them]. Like, "New Deep"? I was playing some part of it and I was like, I actually don't remember writing this part.