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Heavier Things

Interview with My Stupid Mouth forum (2005)
Conducted by founder Richard Young
The last record [Heavier Things] was beats, pro tools, loops and those kinds of things that I liked bringing songs out of me. Then when it came time to tour it was like, "I can’t play Split Screen Sadness without a machine."
Column in Esquire magazine
"The Resident Rock Star"
Am I the only one who finds this record creepy to make out to?
Instagram live: October 2017
From hotel while on tour in Brazil
I'm gonna tell you a story nobody knows about the making of Heavier Things, my second album. Does anybody remember a Gameboy Advance game called WarioWare? Does anybody know WarioWare? WarioWare was a game that was all mini-games. So WarioWare comes out, and Jamie Muhoberac, great keyboard player who was on Heavier Things, introduces me to WarioWare one night at a restaurant. And it blew my mind. The mini-games don't explain what the rules are. Part of the game is figuring out what the objective of the game is. I made the entirety of Heavier Things, or at least the entirety of the second half of making Heavier Things, playing WarioWare. I listened back to every possible moment that I wasn't recording, playing WarioWare. And that's one hell of a game that I wish they would bring back.