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Something's Missing

Live in Cleveland, OH 2002
Concert at Tower City Amphitheatre
This is a song about feeling like something's funny. And you're like, okay, something's messed up. There was something-- I was looking forward to something. And so you tally it up in your head. Why don't I feel great right now? You start tallying it up. You add it all up, and you go, am I missin' something? Cause I can't figure out why I'm not feeling great right now. So you sit there like, [in disbelief] what the fuck is this? Everything is really really cool! Huh! That's what this song is about.
Live in Austin, TX 2003
Frank Erwin Center
This is a song I wish I wrote again. Cause I didn't get it all out. So I find myself sitting down to pen a tune, and I go, oh. Shit, it's just "Something's Missing" again.
Interview with My Stupid Mouth forum (2005)
Conducted by founder Richard Young
I think "Something's Missing" would be pretty cool in the Trio format.
Interview in Guitarist magazine
Conducted by Mick Taylor (Issue 327)

But there are some guitars that I have literally never played more than one song on. Like I've never taken that gold Strat and played any other tune on it than Vultures. Although I could - when I used to play Something's Missing [from Heavier Things, 2004], I had this Strat-Tele that [Fender Custom Shop master builder] Chris Fleming built.

It became the allocated guitar, with the tuning for that song [E B E F# B E]; it comes out of the coffin and I'd play it for "Something's Missing," then it went back in and stayed in that tuning.

Then when I stopped playing "Something's Missing", it was like, This is a great guitar for other things; tune it back into standard…