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Live in Cleveland, OH 2002

Concert at Tower City Amphitheatre


I wrote this song when I had nothing in my apartment but speakers and amplifiers. There was no place to sit. It was hard to invite ladies over and be like, "have a seat on the JBL!" There was just a little computer, and I was writing songs and stuff, and I had no idea what the hell was going on. And every night I thought about calling my parents and going, "you know, you must have been right, I think I'm gonna come home." And then better sense prevailed, and then I wrote this song, and it's called "Why Georgia," and it goes like this.

[Plays "Why Georgia"]


I've never tied my shoes onstage before. That was fuckin' rad. You think it's gonna be weird but it's kind of cool, you know? Just lacin' up, that's all. I'm just lacin' up.

You ever have one of those days where you feel like all the shit's coming down on the same day, and that the world is against you? It just keeps testing you? That day that's like the kick that keeps coming behind the seat. "Oh, kick that seat one more time. [Threateningly] Oh, kick that seat one more time. Oh, kick that seat one more time." And it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse and worse. And you get more pissed off and more pissed off and more pissed off and your blood boils.

And all of a sudden some other instinct kicks in, some animalistic wiring goes [high pitched] "boop!" And you start laughin'. And you start gettin' high off of your own brain chemicals. And you go, all right. What else ya got? What else ya got? That's when you say to yourself, this will all make perfect sense someday.

[Plays "This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday"]

So, I made this record a little while ago called Inside Wants Out, and it had some acoustic songs on it. This is a song that I recorded in my dorm room when I was still in college. Who said I didn't make anything of my college time? [Laughs] This is a song that I played a whole lot the last couple of years, and now I like playing it every once in a while as a treat. So, I guess I'll play it as a treat.

[Plays "Comfortable"]


This song is dedicated to uncool girls.

[Plays "My Stupid Mouth"]


This is a song about feeling like something's funny. And you're like, okay, something's messed up. There was something-- I was looking forward to something. And so you tally it up in your head. Why don't I feel great right now? You start tallying it up. You add it all up, and you go, am I missin' something? Cause I can't figure out why I'm not feeling great right now. So you sit there like, [in disbelief] what the fuck is this? Everything is really really cool! Huh! That's what this song is about. After the little vignette I've just done for you. This song is called "Something's Missing."

[Plays "Something's Missing"]

Thank you guys so much for coming out tonight for the whole shebang. It's nice to get, you know, like five or six thousand people in a room together who really believe that music isn't all that fucked up. And it's been an amazing two nights. We've got like forty of these left, and I hope as many as possible of you will come out. Cause it's like summer camp. It's like summer camp. Except all the people from different banks of the river just got together in the same little tent. It's like summer camp, but we made all best friends on the first day. How does that ever happen? Thank you guys so much. A year ago we were traveling in a van and playing for people -- it doesn't matter how many people we've ever played for. It's just a bunch of cool people in a room who've got nothing to prove to anyone else. Nothing to prove to anyone else, and therefore, everyone just stands together and is like: [makes noise indicating enjoyment] mm, mm, mm. We'll see you again soon.