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Instagram Guitar Livestream, January 2021

Excerpts from stream

Man on the Side

[Asked to play "Man on the Side"]

"Man on the Side," Oh, good lord.

You can hear certain songs that are like progressions of me looking for the best version of that song, and when I find it I stop. There's certain songs that you can hear are mild copies of one another. But I hope they get better as they go and I go, well there's the one I was trying to say.

And you can hear. It's like tattoos. I got bad tattoos on the way to really good tattoos. And then you keep them all.

Yeah so there are a couple of songs that are really similar and the tough part is that I don't want to play the ones that are 1.0 if I've got up to like, the version that I think is like—for instance is: [starts playing "Come Back to Bed"].

You know I feel like—[sings "Come Back to Bed"], is really like [plays riff from "Gravity"].

Once I hit that, I didn't need "Come Back to Bed" because I had done a better version of it with "Gravity."

I Will Be Found

Normally the thing that makes [a song] so great is also what makes it impossible to write around it. Nothing's worse than a song where the B section is so glorious. The B section is so glorious that, where would you go after that? There is no chorus because the B section is so good. I had that with: [sings chorus of "I Will Be Found"]. I was like, where do you go now? That was beautiful. We all know the answer.