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Stop This Train

Recap of Berklee seminar
Converting Information to Inspiration
'Stop this Train' was a magic moment for me. I was in between homes and living in a hotel room. I had double kidney stones at the same time. I had nothing to do but medicate, get CAT scans, and hang out in the hotel room. That gave me a whole bunch of time to sit and play guitar and look out the window. There is something to be said about solitary confinement, or as I say, solitary refinement.
Podcast interview with Dean Delray
Let There Be Talk, Part 1 of 2, Episode #501
I brought this up to a few people and they go, “no that's not true," because they don't want to think that it's true but it might be true. That I might no longer possess the kind of psychic energy necessary to write something like "Stop This Train." I'm not sure that I would sit in a room alone and write twelve verses for a song with that much intention, with that much need to create, with that much fire.