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Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Interview from WPLJ Acoustic Cafe
Live at WPLJ Acoustic Cafe with Race Taylor

RT: The "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" song is probably the most piano-based thing we've heard from you. Did that start as a piano song?

JM: Wait! Except for my four disc set of sonatas that I did. They were Hyundai Sonatas. 


Give it a second.

RT: You will laugh all the way home.

JM: Yeah, it was written on the acoustic. But Ricky Peterson, the fantastic Ricky Peterson, was in the studio. And we wrote it in a day, we wrote that that night.

Interview with Alex Cooper
Call Her Daddy Podcast

I woke up one day, I was making Continuum, I woke up and I had had a dream about someone, and I had a crush on them the whole rest of the day because I had had a dream about them. Do you still have dreams where you wake up and you loved someone, and now you have a crush and you're all emotional for a day? It's the best feeling in the world, as you get older.

But I went to the studio, and they were working on something else, and I went and say in this big reverb chamber and closed the door, and I was like, I gotta work on this song. And that's all about the pain of having a dream about someone that you don't know but have a crush on or that you know and have a crush on. For me I didn't really know this person but just had a crush on them. I'll never say who. Because it's random, it's very random.