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Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Interview with Mihir Joshi
This is a song that I wrote one rainy morning in the far back corner of the studio while they were setting up some other gear. It really came out of nowhere. It’s about when things go wrong with somebody, but you meet them in your dreams and they’re still alright. And that moment where you wake up and you go, oh yeah, they hate me.
Interview from WPLJ Acoustic Cafe
Live at WPLJ Acoustic Cafe with Race Taylor

RT: The "Dreaming With a Broken Heart" song is probably the most piano-based thing we've heard from you. Did that start as a piano song?

JM: Wait! Except for my four disc set of sonatas that I did. They were Hyundai Sonatas. 


Give it a second.

RT: You will laugh all the way home.

JM: Yeah, it was written on the acoustic. But Ricky Peterson, the fantastic Ricky Peterson, was in the studio. And we wrote it in a day, we wrote that that night.

Interview with Alex Cooper
Call Her Daddy Podcast

I woke up one day, I was making Continuum, I woke up and I had had a dream about someone, and I had a crush on them the whole rest of the day because I had had a dream about them. Do you still have dreams where you wake up and you loved someone, and now you have a crush and you're all emotional for a day? It's the best feeling in the world, as you get older.

But I went to the studio, and they were working on something else, and I went and say in this big reverb chamber and closed the door, and I was like, I gotta work on this song. And that's all about the pain of having a dream about someone that you don't know but have a crush on or that you know and have a crush on. For me I didn't really know this person but just had a crush on them. I'll never say who. Because it's random, it's very random.