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Interview from WPLJ Acoustic Cafe
Live at WPLJ Acoustic Cafe with Race Taylor

Would you write for a film if someone brought you a screenplay?

JM: I'm actually doing it right now. For a movie coming out in the fall. It's the first time. Such a beautiful, gorgeous, I-cried-my-eyes-out-at-the-screenplay, movie. 

RT: Animation? Film?

JM: It's The Mummy II.

RT: [Laughs] 

JM: It's a beautiful movie, and it was the hardest song I ever had to write because it was a deadline. And it will come out in the fall. It's the first time I would ever want to do a song for a movie because I normally just don't really believe movies. If that makes any sense. Whenever I see a cop in movies, it's like the dumbest thing in the world because you know that guy was just sitting at catering eating mac n' cheese in a cop uniform. So for me this was such a beautiful movie that transported me that I went, If I'm worth anything, I should go home and try to write a song for this.

Online Radio Show
Snippets from August 2009 Show

I'm hanging out with my little guitar called a Yamaha Guitalele. And I was just doing this.

[Plays riff from "Say"]

And actually that guitar part for "Say" is two different parts, so I'm gonna teach you how to do it. Get yourself a guitalele. I know you just have them laying around. And it goes like this.

[Plays lower harmony riff]

And the other one goes like this.

[Plays higher harmony riff]

And put them together, you can clone yourself and put it in a Hallmark commercial.

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