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My Stupid Mouth

Documentary on Room For Squares
"Inside the Square" Documentary

My Stupid Mouth is probably the most emotionally autobiographical song that I've ever written. Every year before school started I said, This is gonna be the year that I'm gonna go to school and be quiet. And I'm gonna be very sort of tactful, and speak when spoken to. And I could never do it. Twenty minutes into class I just ruined it. I'm never speaking up again, starting now.

People really grabbed onto that one because I think everybody has had that experience where they just—they sort of go, You know what, I'm just not talking anymore.

Interview with Chris McKay
Interview preceding "No Such Thing" video shoot
There is a certain amount of magic in Inside Wants Out. I think people understand, which was not even the design. The design was that it was just kind of a demo. It was something that would go away after a little while. People would have it at shows until the "real record." It kind of took on this charming life of half-demo, half mix tape. But "Back To You" and "No Such Thing" and "My Stupid Mouth," those were the songs off that record that I felt like were not done.
Live in Cleveland, OH 2002
Concert at Tower City Amphitheatre
This song is dedicated to uncool girls.