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Back to You

Interview with Chris McKay
Interview preceding "No Such Thing" video shoot
There is a certain amount of magic in Inside Wants Out. I think people understand, which was not even the design. The design was that it was just kind of a demo. It was something that would go away after a little while. People would have it at shows until the "real record." It kind of took on this charming life of half-demo, half mix tape. But "Back To You" and "No Such Thing" and "My Stupid Mouth," those were the songs off that record that I felt like were not done.
Live in Austin, TX 2003
Frank Erwin Center
This is a song about not giving up even when you should. It's about that oh-so-precious and valuable fourteenth chance. That fourteenth chance when things really turn around for ya. And you realize, oh, it was just me. I was the problem.