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Speak for Me

Live in Hartford, CT 2013
Concert at Comcast Theater
This song has no video. It was never on a chart. Never scored the end of an ABC show. Would've been nice, would've worked. But it's a beautiful tune and we want you to get into it. It goes like this.
Twitter Q&A (November 2017)
Twitter Q&A about Born and Raised

is no one asking about Speak for Me... is that foreshadowing ur throat or what

No, it was sort of a “born at the wrong time” lament. @Sterloid and I played his drum kit together for it. One of my fave memories.

Rise For the River: Flood Benefit Concert
Performance of Born and Raised album
The older I get the more I realize that that song was about me getting older. And about, as you get older, fewer and fewer people speak for you. But better and better people speak for you, you find out.
Radio Intros 2024
LIFE With John Mayer on Sirius XM Radio

Sometimes when I'm writing a song, especially when I'm recording it, I'll catch this image that the song sends to me. I've never told anyone this, I promise you. I know when I'm playing the take because I can see things that I didn't think to see but that I'm just seeing anyway. Parts of my life. Moments in someone else's life or something.

There's a song called Speak For Me, it's from Born and Raised. And as I was playing it, I just went to this idea of, like, this Volkswagen bug, full of like five or six friends, on Woodstock weekend, but not at Woodstock. Which is a very interesting visual. Like, we all think everyone was at Woodstock. Everyone probably knew Woodstock was happening, but not everyone was there, obviously. But there were still kids who went out that weekend.

And for some reason when I was playing this song, and still when I listen to the song, it just sounds like: early morning, drivin' back home, young people fallin' asleep in a VW.

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