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Born and Raised

VEVO Q&A with fans
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Q: What song that you've written speaks most to your heart when you sing it?

John Mayer: "Born and Raised." When I sing "Born and Raised" I'm having the best time. I've waited to sing that song live for quite a while now. And there's always somebody in the crowd—more than one person but I key into one person every night, one or two people—and there's a certain person who's had the same life experience that I may have. And we are just on a thing. And there's this closed-eyed, "but they do not have each other."

And I know how they feel because when you do the Springsteen thing in the crowd [waves one hand above his head] it's for real. So I really enjoy playing that song and knowing that if you can relate to that song you can really relate to that song.

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