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Something Like Olivia

Interview with My Stupid Mouth forum (2013)
Conducted by founder Richard Young
Something like Olivia I have to really believe when I do it or else it’s just a bar band song.
Twitter Q&A (November 2017)
Twitter Q&A about Born and Raised
Drummer Jim Keltner was in studio that day and I wouldn’t let him leave until we jammed on something... and then...

Is there a song on the album that you would change? Which song would it be and why? It's one of my favorite albums.

I used to think “Olivia” didn’t fit the vibe of the album but it’s patina-ed nicely. The moral of the story is “what do I know”

Live in Atlanta, GA 2019
Concert at State Farm Arena
That song, "Something Like Olivia," when I was making it, I remember thinking, I wanna make something that would work at the Tin Roof [Cantina]. You know? Do you still have the Tin Roof? Is it still here? Yeah. And I remember recording that song, going, "this song would make asses shake at the Tin Roof." It would. It would be a fave in that building. So, you know. Think locally, act globally.
Rise For the River: Flood Benefit Concert
Performance of Born and Raised album
This next song is one that I was the most unsure about being on the record because it had the most, kind of, boppy-ness to it. Maybe poppy-ness to it. And over the years, I'm glad it's on the record.
Radio Intros 2024
LIFE With John Mayer on Sirius XM Radio
I remember working on my album Born and Raised and writing songs pretty quickly. One of the fastest songs I wrote for the album was Something Like Olivia, because I was in the studio and Jim Keltner—the great legendary drummer Jim Keltner—was there playing on some tracks. And he sounded so good. And I knew that I had him in the room and he would play on anything that I gave him. I actually came up with the song on the spot. And this song could be played by no one else than Jim Keltner on the drums. His lilt rubbed off on me on the guitar, and vice versa, I think. It's what makes the track feel so good.
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