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Something Like Olivia

Interview with My Stupid Mouth forum (2013)
Conducted by founder Richard Young
Something like Olivia I have to really believe when I do it or else it’s just a bar band song.
Twitter Q&A (November 2017)
Twitter Q&A about Born and Raised
Drummer Jim Keltner was in studio that day and I wouldn’t let him leave until we jammed on something... and then...

Is there a song on the album that you would change? Which song would it be and why? It's one of my favorite albums.

I used to think “Olivia” didn’t fit the vibe of the album but it’s patina-ed nicely. The moral of the story is “what do I know”

Live in Atlanta, GA 2019
Concert at State Farm Arena
That song, "Something Like Olivia," when I was making it, I remember thinking, I wanna make something that would work at the Tin Roof [Cantina]. You know? Do you still have the Tin Roof? Is it still here? Yeah. And I remember recording that song, going, "this song would make asses shake at the Tin Roof." It would. It would be a fave in that building. So, you know. Think locally, act globally.
Rise For the River: Flood Benefit Concert
Performance of Born and Raised album
This next song is one that I was the most unsure about being on the record because it had the most, kind of, boppy-ness to it. Maybe poppy-ness to it. And over the years, I'm glad it's on the record.