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Live in Hartford, CT 2013

Concert at Comcast Theater


John Mayer: We hope you have found a nice seat, a nice seat mate. Turn to your left and say hello to your neighbor. Hi. Aw, listen to that, that was beautiful!

If someone's singing too loud, everyone sounds like an angel in their own head. Just let it be! I sang like shit for two years straight, and you guys still came to listen to me.

So settle on in. We'll play the songs you love. Maybe a song or two you didn't know you loved.

This song has no video. It was never on a chart. Never scored the end of an ABC show. Would've been nice, would've worked. But it's a beautiful tune and we want you to get into it. It goes like this.

[Plays "Speak For Me"]

Audience member: I love you John Mayer!

JM: And I you. Isn't that great? To return somebody's declaration of love but take all the love out? "And I you." I want to take all the interesting things out of the compliment you gave me. "And I you." "I wanna have your babies and spend the rest of my life with you, and grow old and die with you!" "And I you." Is there any less sincere a statement? "And I you." I love you, too.

[Deep voice] "And I you! I have no original thoughts! Sounds good to me, and I you!" I love each and every one of you in a new and exciting way. I'm actually not lying.

This is from the Continuum record. I have a feeling this is gonna get very funky.

[Plays "I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)"]


How are my tailgating friends this evening? I had a great time coming in today, looking out -- you guys started early, my tailgating friends. Early. Who here got here, like, before the sun went down to tailgate? Man. Lawn people, were you tailgating today? Yeah. Well, then you should be in the perfect balance of fluids for this next song. Cause I am as well, but can't really drink on the job. It seems like this is your night off. So this is called "If I Ever Get Around to Living." It's a song in four parts. It goes like this. Chapter One.

[Plays "If I Ever Get Around To Living"]