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Sob Rock

Interview on Studio Q
Aired on CBC Radio One, hosted by Jian Ghomeshi
Maybe my next record is, uh club cuts with a “z”, and two “k’s”. “Klub Kutz.”
Podcast Interview with Bill Kreutzmann
Comes a Time Podcast
I think the record is great and it's going to piss off some Dead Heads because it is not Grateful Dead-inspired music, through and through. It is incredibly pop, man. It's [a] very pop record, so we will see. I enjoy the wavelengths beating up against one another.
Instagram Story Q&A (August 2021)
Questions from various fans

Q: Did you draw inspiration from specific guitarists for the new album? ❤️❤️❤️

A: Yes! I kind of looked at myself as my own album's "studio musician." So I thought a lot about the greats like @stevelukatherofficial and @brentmason.official whose signature guitar I used quite a bit in the recordings.

Q: Where on Sob Rock do you see Don Was's hand the most clearly?

A: @donwas goes under and through the entire album; he's the one who lets me go into the unknown and keeps this sage, watchful eye. He'll ask me what I'm going for, let me go looking, then with just a couple of sentences, lead me closer to the mark if I need it. Without him, I'd probably get lost and throw things.

Radio Intros 2024
LIFE With John Mayer on Sirius XM Radio
It wasn't until recently that I realized that artists like to go backwards and pay homage to the music that influenced them. And I think Billy Joel did that in the case of this song, "Uptown Girl."
Excerpted from Radio Intros 2024 >
Bruce Springsteen has his own way of writing songs that, if you've listened to Sob Rock, my most recent record, a lot of the songs borrow the Bruce Springsteen structure of the last line of the go-round kind of being the one-sentence chorus, and everything builds up to that one moment.
Excerpted from Radio Intros 2024 >