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All I Want Is to Be with You

Sob Rock album release stream
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"All I Want Is to Be With You." It's true. It's also the name of the next and final song on Sob Rock. And it's written from a very, very direct place. [Staccato] "All I want is to be with you." It doesn't have a flow because it can't afford to think of one, it's so purely hurt. All I want is to be with you. And I felt that way when I was writing this. And it's real, you know?

I know how to give up, I know how to walk away. It's very much like "Shouldn't Matter But it Does," where you go, "I know it's over." So too as an adult do you go, "look I'm gonna be fine. I know how to do this. I just don't want to." That's actually what happens as you get older. When you're younger you go, [crying] "I can't live without you." When you get older you go, "look, I know exactly how to live without you, I just really don't want to!"