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Til the Right One Comes

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And now we get into a song that I just had so much fun writing. There's these really interesting little moments that come around in this song that, you know, the mission statement of this record is that, if it makes you giggle, you may want to think about including it in the record. Because giggling is what you do when you think to yourself, "I can't do that." It's a nervous giggle. "I can't do that!" Well, I think if you're writing something, writers of the world, and you giggle—pay attention to what you giggle to, because it might just be something fresh that's coming out of you that your response is a little uncomfortable to, because you've never felt that, or heard that come out, or seen that come out.

So I just followed the giggles on this record. And this is interesting, someone who heard this song said, "wow, you're speaking for a lot of people." And I went, wait a minute, this is just about me. When I was writing this song, I hadn't played it for anyone and I was just like, this is how I feel.

And I normally think that I'm writing, in some way, to sort of sum up how other people feel too—some people. But it was such a direct feeling of how my life is like, [that] it was really cool to find out that some people share this sentiment.

["Til the Right One Comes"] is a reasoning as to why you haven't settled down yet. And it is really cathartic to say to somebody—like people say to me, "cause you don't want to have kids." I go, what are you talking about?! "Well you don't want to get married and have kids." What do you mean I don't? Of course I do.

And this is sort of my putting my foot down and going, let me explain to you why it's still just me. Cause the reason is really hopeful. You may have a really hopeful reason why it's still just you. I sure do. And that reason is laid out for you right here right now in a song called "Til the Right One Comes."

Shout out to Kurt Schneider, the engineer for this song, who, when I said I wanted a guitar lick at the end, took it from the solo, copied and pasted. I went, that's genius! That was a cool move. That actually is the solo put at the end of the song to just be a coda of itself, which is really cool.

And the ending I sort of visualize as like—again, we end on a hopeful note. "Who's that knocking at my door," see, it does go my way. Of course it's a fantasy in this song still. And I feel like the ending of this song is like the end of a movie or a Looney Tunes when they used to take the screen, it used to be a black circle that went down, down, down until you see the person almost disappear and then they're gone as they walk off into the sunset.