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Perfectly Lonely

Interview in Guitarist magazine
Conducted by Mick Taylor (Issue 327)

MT: Have you always alternated between pick and fingers - seems like there's a lot of fingers right now?

JM: I started playing with a pick all the time. I know I like to snap the pick into my hands, so I can do all this stuff [demonstrates fingerstyle]. Lately, actually, when I think about… "Perfectly Lonely" starts out with fingers and goes to pick… Yeah…

Live in Los Angeles, CA August 2010
"Perfectly Lonely" live intro

I was driving up Highland Avenue. The other day, as in a year ago. And I was thinking about my situation, which I very often do. It's my pastime, is [sings] thinkin' about my situation, yeah. I didn't think I was gonna put that to music. It still sounds alright if you sing it.

I started writing—you shouldn't do this—but I was writing in my iPhone notepad as I was driving. But it was an idea that I would die for. Or it was an idea so good that I'd accidentally kill someone else. That's not true. You guys have me nervous because I can't hear ya. [Cheering] There you are.

So all of a sudden I write down, in my phone on the way to the studio, these two words: Perfectly. Lonely. Anybody out there consider themselves to be perfectly lonely? And yes, sometimes on a Friday or a Saturday, the phone doesn't buzz a lot. And sometimes that hurts your ego. Sometimes that hurts your ego to know there's nobody out there just wantin' you to come over. But the people who have to write you last minute to tell you to come over, they're not good for you. They're not good for you. Have your plans before 2 o'clock in the morning. Take that from your uncle John. Have your plans figured out before 2 o'clock in the morning. So to anyone else who enjoys their whole situation right now. To anybody who's trying to take a dark situation and turn it into a bright one by being alone, cause [sings] being alone can be fun, fun, yeah!

I'll show ya. I'll show ya. Break it down. I'll tell you why being alone can be fun. Because, I have nobody to answer to. Nobody's going to tell me that I shouldn't do this anymore. [Dances]

I am making a fool of nobody! I am my own man! Nobody's friends at work are going to have to explain, Oh, why their boyfriend was dancing like a jerk. Right?

Interview with My Stupid Mouth forum (2013)
Conducted by founder Richard Young
"Perfectly Lonely" is a nice song when you’ve got to make a record. You have to make music and put music out. "Perfectly Lonely": could have been "Gravity," but it just turned out to be "Perfectly Lonely."