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All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

Interview with My Stupid Mouth forum (2013)
Conducted by founder Richard Young
I think "All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye" is awesome—it just doesn’t work on stage.
Sob Rock album release stream
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So when I sing falsetto—because I have a very limited range—[sings part of "Why You No Love Me" chorus], it's missing a tone because I'm singing in head voice, what's called head voice. And I knew from experience—I had done song before called "All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye," and I was singing all the top parts, and it doesn't quite cut. And I went, I didn't want to have that experience again, who can do that high part? Maren Morris can do that high part because she destroys me when she sings, she's got that thing. So Maren came in to do "Why You No Love Me." I said I can hear you on this track.