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Outside in the Underground

Live in Atlanta, GA 1999
Concert at Eddie's Attic

If you have the five-song demo, there's a song called Outside in the Underground. I hardly ever play it, but I'm starting to feel like it means something more. Like, it's not a pop hit, but...

Sometimes when you go out in the rain, most of the time we run, cause we don't wanna get hit by the rain. But other times you're walkin' through the rain, and you just walk. And you don't react to the rain. That's what I do sometimes. You just walk, and you let it [come] down, and you let it happen, and you don't back down. I think I wrote this song after I filled out my withdrawal form at Berklee.

So I wrote this, I had the idea for this [song]. It was raining, and it's late out in the city so you have to walk around a couple blocks to get back to where you're going, and I just did not feel like running. I didn't feel like opening up the umbrella or putting on the hood. I just looked up and accepted it. And this song is called Outside in the Underground.