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Live in Atlanta, GA 1999

Concert at Eddie's Attic


So, I'm flying up to Boston in July, which is great. I have quite a kinship with that city. I wrote most of these songs, half of them, up in Boston. If you have the five-song demo, there's a song called Outside in the Underground. I hardly ever play it, but I'm starting to feel like it means something more. Like, it's not a pop hit, but...

Sometimes when you go out in the rain, most of the time we run, cause we don't wanna get hit by the rain. But other times you're walkin' through the rain, and you just walk. And you don't react to the rain. That's what I do sometimes. You just walk, and you let it [come] down, and you let it happen, and you don't back down. I think I wrote this song after I filled out my withdrawal form at Berklee.

So I wrote this, I had the idea for this [song]. It was raining, and it's late out in the city so you have to walk around a couple blocks to get back to where you're going, and I just did not feel like running. I didn't feel like opening up the umbrella or putting on the hood. I just looked up and accepted it. And this song is called Outside in the Underground.

[Plays Outside in the Underground]


Well, I feel it necessary to tell you guys that I'm havin' a great time up here. So thank you for doin' that. You are the reason I'm havin' a great time. Cause I can play these songs any time.

If you come over my house one day I'll play you the porno version of every one of my songs. And you can do it a lot with this one. I believe the lyric "so come on and face it" is ripe for one.

So I met this girl on the internet one time, and we met. But I knew we were gonna meet. Or at least, I had an inkling, or thought that we were gonna. I was like 18, and I was only searching people within, like, a three-town radius. So if it did blossom, I could see her and stuff. And I did, and she was cool. And she was a little too old for me, she said.

I need you guys to buy my records and all that stuff so I can shove it in her face one day.

[Plays Love Soon]