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Love Soon

Live in Atlanta, GA 1999
Concert at Eddie's Attic

If you come over my house one day I'll play you the porno version of every one of my songs. And you can do it a lot with this one. I believe the lyric "so come on and face it" is ripe for one.

So I met this girl on the internet one time, and we met. But I knew we were gonna meet. Or at least, I had an inkling, or thought that we were gonna. I was like 18, and I was only searching people within, like, a three-town radius. So if it did blossom, I could see her and stuff. And I did, and she was cool. And she was a little too old for me, she said.

I need you guys to buy my records and all that stuff so I can shove it in her face one day.

Room For Squares documentary
This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday

John Alagia: Now, what about Love Soon?

JM: Love Soon, I'm all about not havin' on the record.