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Private Cocktail Party in Chicago, IL

Intro to Free Fallin'

I lived in New York for a while where I did the majority of my drinking.

I don't anymore. I beat it. Meaning, I beat the game. I beat the final boss. They said, go home, you're finished. Got my diploma that's it. Don't worry, there's other things I do. They just don't offer them to you when you sit down to have a salad. I find that helpful. "May I interest you in the thing that has been plaguing you the last four years, before I bring you bread?"

So back when I was in New York I was drinking a lot. But I had a good time. And I'd come home to my house, and I'd bring people. Some people I knew, some people I didn't. "Come hang out." Lost a lot of valuables. But made a lot of friends along the way. It's not the valuables you lose, Eric, it's the friends you make along the way.

And I took my guitar out, cause, cheating. And I wanted to play this next song. Two reasons I played it the way that I played it was because it was really late at night and I'm a good neighbor. I'm a very good neighbor. I happen to be a very good quiet neighbor. And also I can't sing that high, the way the chorus goes. So I did this version exactly almost as you hear it. This was the way I sang it, this mellow kind of midnight way. 

And it's gone on to be—a lot of people think it's my song. A lot of younger people think it's my song. And I hope I've brought something a little extra to it. Like maybe a high blood alcohol content. And it goes like this.

[Plays "Free Fallin'"]