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Dead & Company Tour Instagram Post

@johnmayer post for end of 2022 tour

These tours with @deadandcompany exist on an almost otherworldly plane - everyone, on stage and in the crowd, meets up in this shared dream, and on the last night, after the final note is struck, we leave it all on the stage. We bow, we hug, we share our love for one another and then… we disappear. I fly through the dead of night and wake up at home, where my ears ring, my heart sings, and I’m left with this mix of fatigue, joy, accomplishment, and deep appreciation for what I was able to be a part of. I can feel the connected, collective experience of thousands of others who wake up feeling the same. I’ll never get over the profound beauty and uniqueness of this, and we’ll never in our lifetime see the likes of @bobweir @mickeyhart and @billkreutzmann, playing beyond all perceived limitations and expectations. It’s nothing short of remarkable. Thank you one and all for allowing me a seat on this transcendent ride. ♥️