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The You I Miss

Sirius XM Channel Debut
LIFE With John Mayer

Caller: Will we ever hear the full version of "The You I Miss"?

JM: First question, you will hear unreleased music, like demos and even songs that have never seen the light of day on the channel. I will introduce them myself when I am sitting here live and then they will play on their own after that. [...]

Now as for the case of the song "The You I Miss." It's not really a song. It's a blessing and a curse to have put it up on Instagram. I put a small bit of this thing I was working on in the studio. I was so excited about it. It really is the bridge of this other song that never came out. It's really sounding like should play you the song at some point—not now—where that song lives. I really do want to put it into a song in the future, but as any fan of mine will tell you, the outlook is very hazy on my ever taking something that may have existed but never came to full fruition ever being heard again. Because I have so much to write in the moment that I don't like going back, necessarily. But I agree with you that that's a very good little hook. [...] I'll do my best to try to couch it at something bigger and better.