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Over and Over

Podcast interview with Cory Wong
"A Song Too Perfect To Record?" Episode 2 of 2 from Wong Notes Podcast

JM: It's very close to being done. It was always close to being done. It was called, "Over and Over." It may exist somewhere if I had ever done one of those early, like, casts, those early webcasts of playing stuff off my iTunes. It's called, "Over and Over." And it was one of the first three songs that we did for Continuum. And it was gorgeous. It was a beautiful song. And it would have totally fit the record. I didn't understand the bridge. I couldn't get the bridge to work.

CW: Is it something that still comes to you now, where you're like, "I got to figure that out?" Or is it just completely gone in your mind?

JM: That song was really special. It just didn't get there cause the bridge made no sense. And I couldn't get it to work.