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I'm On Fire

iTunes Exclusive Interview
Excerpts from 2009 iTunes Exclusive Interview

"I'm On Fire" is one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen songs. It's painfully too short, and beautiful. And aching. In a way that some of his music doesn't. It's a little bit of a step to the side for him. It's an 80's song recorded like an 80's song, yet it has not been moved out with the trash whatsoever. And it has this heart to it. this real soft, sweet dynamic to it that was always fun to sing. And I don't even really know, I mean what would you call the style of music of that song? It's like an old rock song. It's almost like an old, like an Everly Brothers tune or something. But done so beautifully, there's nothing else like it, really. The way it's written is so economical and beautiful.

So I latched onto it and played it live a couple of times. I went, Let's go and sing this. I think we plated it twice. It's almost like an Elvis song [sings verse in Elvis voice]. It's beautiful. It's beautiful. And you know, I'm treading on sacred ground, covering a Springsteen tune. But it's just that Springsteen tune that just happens to overlap a little bit of how I tick and what I'm able to do as a singer. Which is not as much as he is as a singer. You know, I can't do "Glory Days" or "Thunder Road." Something about the melodic aspect of it was really easy to latch onto and it's still one of my favorite songs of all time.