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Blue Skies at Night

Current Mood: Season 1, Episode 6
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Alright, it's almost time to play you a brand new song. Can you believe I'm gonna play you a brand new song? I told you, tonight was about loneliness. And I wrote you a brand new song about loneliness. This is a song I wrote about four days ago, and I finished it about four minutes ago, cause I wanted to sing it for you tonight. And it won't be very good, but what else on this show is? I'd say it's sticking with the overall vibe of the show. 

So I'm gonna play a new song for you. Get your screen captures ready. I'm also gonna screw it up, but I love the high stakes gamble of playing a song one time and not playing it again for a few months. And having to live with whatever version of the song exists on YouTube. I have the lyrics printed right here because I don't really quite know them yet. And I'm starting to get nervous which is beginning the Nobu starting to churn. Little bit of a Play-Doh fun factory. It's getting exciting now because this is what I live for.

[Begins playing keyboard]

Yes that is the sound I'm going with. This is a song called, "Blue Skies at Night." 

Could have just hung out at home tonight, eaten a Nobu, watched some Netflix. But instead I express myself. Okay here we go. I don't even play the keys. Why do I do this to myself? Okay.

[Plays "Blue Skies at Night"]

Verse 1

When I'm standing, in the sun

I never really stop to thinking miss someone

But when I lose that light

Blue skies at night

Verse 2

When those evening stars shine down

I suddenly remember that you're not around

And I face that fight

Blue skies at night


These are the hardest kind of years

The ones where people disappear

So tired of all these broken dreams

I'm better on my own it seems

Verse 3

Dog in a ball at the end of my bed

Yeah I wish it was the three of us in yours instead

But I do what's right

Blues skies at night

[Instrumental solo]


These are the hardest kind of years

The ones where people disappear

Who's crying all these winter tears

They're hanging like a chandelier

Verse 4

And there beside the morning grey

A stronger man in place of where a fool once lay

But for one more day

Blue skies

So come what may

Blue skies

I'll find my way

Blue skies at night

That's called "Blue Skies at Night," and that's what I would play for you if you were a friend of mine and you came to my house and I said I wrote a new song. Now if you were a friend of mine and you came to my house and I played it for you, I wouldn't get as nervous and I wouldn't worry, and I also wouldn't check YouTube for the performance because nobody would be filming it. But you know what, that's my song. Win or lose, that's the music I wrote.