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Live in Tampa, Florida 2022

Concert at Amalie Arena

[Intro to "Your Body is a Wonderland"]

So this next song I have a very strange relationship with. It's the song that, as they say, "put me on the map." But you do not get to choose which song puts you on the map. You know what you do? You celebrate "being on the map."

And through the years this song has come and gone through my life as something I either was really appreciative of or just couldn't talk to right now. [talking to fans] What's that? My donkey. That's a noun. And so, somehow or another, as I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate this song for all it is, for all it's done for me, how strange it is, how weird some of the lyrics are, how it makes dudes feel when I sing it to them and lock eyes with them from the stands. But we're gonna jam out to it and make the absolute most of it, in celebration of this weird little song that put me on the map. Some of us are going to go back to college in this song. Some of us are going to go back to our first girlfriend. Come along one and all.

[Plays "Your Body is a Wonderland"]

[Intro to "Edge of Desire"]

I feel like this is the most emo song that I have. Would you agree? The most emo song that I have in my repertoire. Repertoire, that means my bucket of stuff. [...]

[Plays "Edge of Desire"]

[Intro to "If I Ever Get Around to Living"]

This next song is one of my favorite songs. It's a letter to myself. And it goes like this.

[Plays "If I Ever Get Around to Living"]