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Live in San Francisco, CA 2019

"Emoji of a Wave" Title Explained

A lot of people wonder why this song is called "Emoji of a Wave."

I loved somebody, and it ended. But the feelings didn’t end, for either of us. But we knew we had our roles to play, and our homework to do to keep ourselves away from it. And on Sunday nights—usually the week nights, w-e-a-k nights—every once in a while my phone would go "errrp." And I'd pick it up, and it would be her. But it would just be an emoji of a wave. And it just meant: it’s all a little too much right now. And I would send back an emoji of a wave, and I would say, yeah, I get it. You’d be surprised, how okay that made things. Just to see one little emoji of a wave. It meant: you’re still in here.

And it meant: and you’re still in here too. And sometimes, that’s the only thing we need to know to keep walking—that we’re still in there. And the thing we forget is that, we’re always in there. If you’ve ever loved someone, you’ll always love that person.

And then, every once in a while, life will just throw you that wave.