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Kerwin Frost Talks to John Mayer (Episode 2, Season 2)

Excerpted from full interview 

KF: Hey, I'm Kerwin Frost and on this episode of Kerwin Frost Talks we have a special treat. The most interesting man in the world, John Mayer!  


KF: How do you feel about Christmas? Like, honestly. That's what people really want to know.

JM: [Laughs] Christmas is a wonderful holiday and I believe it's an elective holiday each year.

KF: Is "St. Patrick's Day" a Christmas song, is what I'm asking.

JM: "St. Patrick's Day" is a holiday song but it's very much about—well, you know, before we had a phrase "cuffing season" there was a song called "St. Patrick's Day," which was about cuffing season. Which was you're locked in—it's not even really about loving this person, it's like there's no way we can get out. 

But I do say we'll be safe til—so I guess the writer is, uh, out of his league a little bit. Going, well at least I get her until—I would say there's job security in the holidays. I would say the holidays you have job security. Cause again it's too powerful a substance. It's just a bunch of electricity that you can clamp onto anything. If you clamp Christmas electricity onto a breakup, both people get destroyed.