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Interview with Andy Cohen, 2023

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen: What album from your own discography is your favorite?

John Mayer: I think there's three that are like, front to back perfect. Continuum, Born and Raised, and Sob Rock. I know it sounds like I'm saying my latest record, but in terms of works that are complete from front to back and there's not any one thing that I want to take off them, those three.


[After show Q&A]

JM: My least favorite album? Well, I'm going to give you an answer, and it's the one I spent the least amount of time on. It's only the least favorite because other ones were just more, like, important to my life. I like some of the songs on this album. But if I had to take one out of the discography it would be Paradise Valley. I think there are some good songs on it. But I remember making that record because at the time I was being made to go on tour, and at the time I thought I should not go on tour without a record. I thought I was too young to go on tour without a record, and be sort of a legacy act. So that record came together in about three to four months, but it gave me some really great songs I wouldn't want to lose. But compared to the other ones that were a little more baked, I would take out Paradise Valley.

AC: There's a song off Paradise Valley that is in Andy's Kiki Lounge that I love, which is your duet with Katy Perry.

JM: Yeah, isn't that great? I'm glad we did that. That was sort of like early Sob Rock prototype stuff. It was just at the point where I was saying, why can't I make music from a different era? If I love a style of music and I want to make it, like a genre, why can't I make music that I pretend was from a different era? And that was sort of like a prototype to Sob Rock. It was sort of like an FM lite radio thing, and Sob Rock is a little more realized. But I still listen to that every once in a while and go, I like this. I like this. I like the way that she sounds on that song. I feel like she got that way of singing down and, like, met the challenge of that song. It was so much fun.