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Interview about Room For Squares

Context unknown

Interviewer: I gotta know what your favorite song on the album is. Room For Squares.

John Mayer: Okay. When you factor it all out, and tally it all up, I would say overall "St. Patrick's Day" is probably my favorite song off the record. It's the last song on the CD. I think if you base the best song on lyrics and melody, and everything kind of coming together to make that thing, I think it's "St. Patrick's Day."

Interviewer: Okay, and your favorite song to play live—is it "St. Patrick's Day?"

JM: No, that would be a song called "Your Body is a Wonderland."

Interviewer: Okay, now every female out there, I just want you to know that these lyrics will make you melt. You will want to find a guy to marry just like John Mayer.

JM: Not like me! I'm just writing the song.

Interviewer: You want to find someone who's going to tell you these kind of things.

JM: I'll just be the third party on the stereo as you and your loved one are doing whatever you like to do. You know, I wrote the song when I didn't know if I was ever going to make a record for anyone else than me, so. It's just about not having to do everything. Like, it's not about going all the way. At all. It's about not going all the way. It's about the little things.

Interviewer: Aw. Like "your bubblegum tongue." How cute. I like it! Are you a romantic?

JM: Yes. But I fully believe in, right time right place for everything. There's times to be romantic, and there's times to be a pig. Everything is moment-appropriate, you know?

Interviewer: I agree, I totally agree.

JM: I don't mean "pig." I feel bad now, the word "pig" is resonating in my brain. You're going on, you're like "okay," and my brain is just like, "pig, pig, pig pig pig pig pig." I don't mean "pig."

Interviewer: He doesn't mean "pig."

JM: I mean, sometimes you want to be selectively shallow, and I think that's fine. I think "shallow" is the word I wanted to use. There's nothing wrong with being shallow every once in a while. And "Your Body is a Wonderland" is not about being shallow. It's about, you know, getting to know ya.