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Ellen Appearance with Katy Perry

From a guest appearance with Katy Perry on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013

Ellen Degeneres: That’s the video of "Who You Love," that’s on John’s album right?

Katy Perry: Yes, it’s on his record Paradise Valley which is fantastic.

ED: Of course it is. He’s just an amazing singer, songwriter.

KP: I admire him very much.

ED: I admire him as well, I like him as well.

And I miss him very very much. I wish he was here to share all of this with us.

KP: What are you saying?

ED: I’m just saying I like you, but I would like him to be here as well.

[John Mayer enters]

ED: Well, it’s a good thing that we switched out a love seat that we have room for you. Imagine if we didn’t have a love seat we wouldn’t have room.

You look great, I love that sweater.

JM: Thank you. I’m already in cozy end of year mode.

ED: You’re in holiday mode already.

And that is such a great video. How long ago did yall do that and where did you do it?

JM: About two weeks ago.

KP: Yeah, we did it in one day and they’re all real life couples. All of us. And they were put on a bull and just shot in slow motion.

JM: They’re on the bull for about two seconds but we shot in such slow motion that you get about a minute of footage.

ED: They all fell off? You threw all the couples off?

I’ve done it before; it’s really fun.

JM: That was the first time doing it sober. That was the first sober bull ride.

ED: Was it your response to Kim and Kanye’s Bound Two.

KP: I thought our response was a little more authentic because my hair was blowing in the right direction, though.

JM: Genius. Genius.

This is why I don’t need to talk at home. This is why voice rest is just fine. You get these chestnuts.


ED: I don’t know what that means.

KP: I don’t know what you’re talking about!

ED: I don’t know what you’re talking about either.

Let’s act like he’s not here.

KP: Very difficult! 6’ 3” here.

ED: Is he as romantic as his music is?

KP: Very thoughtful. Very creative.

ED: But you didn’t say romantic.

KP: Well, for me, like everybody always asks me, ”oh, what could someone get Katy Perry for Christmas?” And to me the best Christmas gift is a thoughtful one. One that ‘s romantic or one that has been thought about and spent a lot of time over. It’s not just like a label or a thing.

He’s through and through. 

JM: I said not romantic. I said, kind of romantic. No, but I am! 


ED: He’s very funny too, isn’t he?

KP: He is hilarious.

ED: He’s hilarious.

Let’s see what else we can ask about you.

Obviously you have already bought each other presents; have you had time to do that?

KP: Well we do stocking stuffers. And we don’t know if we’ve bought each other presents—I bought him a present, yeah.

ED: You’ve already bought her a present?

JM: The present is all set.

ED: So you have not bought him a present?

KP: No I have!

ED: It sounds like you haven’t.

[John picks up perfume from table]

KP: I bought him a present! 

JM: Oh my goodness thank you!

ED: Is that what you got, "Killer Queen?"

JM: I got my own fragrance that I’m coming out with, I shouldn’t even be holding this right now.

ED: What is yours?

JM: I don’t have a fragrance.

ED: You might.

JM: It’s called—“short walk”, or something.

ED: I like it, what would it smell like?

JM: Like, take a short walk.


ED: Cause a long walk would be stinky.